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The Fleck line of water softening items has been around for years and offers a wide range of alternatives when it pertains to salt-based conditioning systems. Fleck Water Softener valves constantly get very high ratings on sites that supply the line of items to buy and they are respected for their capacity to eliminate the calcium and also magnesium particles that are the one's in charge of creating issues in several household water sources all across the USA.

If you are experiencing the negative results of hard water and also are looking for a dependable system for your home then you could wish to consider purchasing among the products here. We have given the in-depth evaluations that you will certainly need in order to compare the various options that are presently available, Fleck 7000SXT and we have actually likewise connected to product handbooks as well as comprehensive spec sheets that you may find interesting.

Fleck Water Softener Reviews

1) 5600 Design-- Just like all premium quality water softening items, this Streak system functions to get rid of the impacts of difficult water from your house consisting of discolorations, scale deposits, soap scum, as well as clogged plumbing.

These bothersome issues arise from calcium and magnesium ions that are accumulated by the water as it travels via the ground, streams, as well as rivers. A few of the benefits of utilizing a system such as this one consist of a lowered demand for detergents, enhanced soap lathering, cleaner meals, and softer skin.

Difficult water enters the system via a valve and moves downward through the resin bed. Softened water then travels up via a central tube and also departures the system with an electrical outlet valve. The salt water remedy that results from the regrowth process is directed to a drainpipe that attaches to the house's waste water system.

Proper functioning of the conditioner requires that the salt degree be kept above the water line. A water stress of 20-125 psi is needed for the regeneration shutoff to run correctly and an undisturbed voltage (Air Conditioning) supply is required for the system to work.


2) 5600 SXT Design-- This is a prominent Fleck water softener that is a boosted variation of the 5600 Version. As with the 5600 Design, this system does allow for a forced regeneration which could be initiated by pushing the added cycle button for a period of 5 secs.


As soon as the 5600 SXT has been installed, it can be started by initial transforming the hand-operated regrowth knob in a clockwise direction till the button raises on the top of the very first set of pins. The drive motor will after that move the piston to the first regrowth step where it will quit. As the button adjustments positions, the valve will certainly progress with each regeneration step.

As holds true with any kind of version of Fleck water softener, it is essential to guarantee that installation specs have been fulfilled before operating the system. The 5600 SXT Model needs a minimal psi of 20 in order for the valve to work properly.

An undisturbed alternating existing (AC) supply and pipes that is devoid of lime as well as iron accumulation are essential in making certain that the system runs efficiently as well as for an extended period of time.

The softener should be located near a drain and needs to not be linked to a water that exceeds 125 psi or a temperature level of any more compared to 110 degrees. Furthermore, the system should not be located in an area that experiences freezing temperatures.

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